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Director of Communications


Working in close proximity day after day with distressed individuals mired by serious debt can take its toll on the emotional and mental health of debt-management professionals.

In much the same way as individuals suffering from infectious physical diseases such as coughs, colds and ‘flu can pass them on to others, individuals plagued by the stress of debt can transmit it over time to those whose job it is to help them.

For clients desperately wrestling to resolve an overwhelming debt, their debt counsellor, be it from a free service provided by a charity or a commercial debt-management company, is invariably their main lifeline - the key person in their life who they entrust to end their financial nightmare. This responsibility, multiplied by one client after another, can exert real emotional pressure on the helper, leading to vicarious stress and anxiety and varying levels of compassion fatigue.

It is against this background that CAMIAD now includes a specific helping-the-helper element in its course for debt-management companies and organisations or, indeed, wherever it is felt that training to help professionals cope with transmitted stress and anxiety would be desirable.

Increasingly, companies and charitable organisations dealing with people in debt are asking CAMIAD to provide specific training that addresses these important issues – enabling their staff better to deal on a long-term basis with individuals who rely on them, often exclusively, to get their lives back on course.

Please ask us if this is an element that you feel would be useful.